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What is the Carolina Genocide Action Network (CGAN)?

We are an informal network of men and women who live in the Carolinas and are determined to make "Never Again" a reality. We care about human rights, ending suffering from current genocides and building the structural change needed to PREVENT genocide in the future.

One major obstacle to the anti-genocide movement is a lack of communication. We all get passionate and organize events in pockets and lose the power of all working together. We work in "silos" and then get burned out easily. CGAN was created to be a hub for all the various NC and SC organizations and activists working on Darfur, Eastern Chad, Congo, Burma, Sri Lanka and other conflicts. This will be a place for networking, communicating and staying in touch.

Members of CGAN are active in other organizations, such as STAND or their local synagogue, and CGAN is meant to enhance and not replace these activities.

Have questions or suggestions? Ask them in the discussion forum or send an email to one of the contacts.

Get involved, join this site and participate in this nationwide movement!

Why is CGAN on Wikidot?

Wikidot is a free wiki hosting service that allows all of CGAN's members to be a "webmaster." By joining this site, you will get the power to edit and add content to these pages, and even create new ones. This will harness the power of the grassroots network and will mean no one person is responsible for updating content. We are ALL responsible for updating content. This is a new approach and one that hopefully you will find very user-friendly.

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